3-Gun Program

What is 3-Gun?

3-Gun, or Multi-gun, is an action shooting sport that typically involves a rifle, a pistol, and a shotgun in a course of fire that often involves all 3 guns and transitions between them. 3-gun is the fastest growing shooting sport in the U.S. with local club matches at the heart if its growth! A combination of speed & accuracy, 3-gun will challenge the most skilled shooters as it is dependent not only upon skill when shooting, but movement and transitions between targets, all while emphasizing safety as the most important factor.

Having fun & being safe are the two most important aspects to a successful match, but a few things listed below will ensure a solid performance.

  • Target acquisition speed and accuracy.
  • Reloading a weapon while moving (always keeping the muzzle downrange & in a safe direction).
  • Quick movement between targets throughout the course of fire.
  • Stage planning and the ability to execute the plan in an efficient manner.
  • Ability to safely transition between firearms, reducing the time between the two.

What do I need to shoot a match?

First and foremost, all matches require appropriate eye and hearing protection to be used throughout the course of the match. You can always borrow equipment if you come up lacking shell caddies or magazines.

Dependent upon what division you’d like to shoot, your equipment will vary, but in general you’ll need the following:

  • The Rifle – Most shooters will use an AR-15 in .223/5.56 with some type of optic, a muzzle brake, flash hider, or suppressor, and a stock & forearm that fit your style of shooting. If you’re an AK, Tavor, or SCAR fan, you can come out and shoot as well – those all work for 3-gun!
  • The Pistol – Any high capacity 9mm, .40, or .45 will work great! Two magazines should be enough if you’re shooting a high capacity, but if you’ve got single stack mags you’d want to bring at least 4.
  • The Shotgun – A Pump or Semi-auto 12 or 20 ga. with 5-10 round mag tube capacity will work great for most divisions!
  • The Gear – The foundation is a good belt with enough space to hold your handgun holster, a couple of spare pistol mag pouches, and some shotgun shell caddies. There will more than likely be stages where you will need an extra rifle mag as well.
  • Ammo – Bring 125 rounds for each firearm and you’ll probably have a bunch left over. To be safe, bring 10 slugs and 10 buckshot to each match too as we may throw some of those in as well. Remember – no steel-core/ penetrator ammo.

When do we shoot?

Matches are held on Sundays – registration will start at 8am and rounds will go downrange at 9am.