Long Range

The long range rifle program has been around for a very long time. The matches are all prone and fired at 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 yards every year. Competitors who attend come from across the USA, Canada, Japan and other countries. Some of the finest long range shooters come to Winnequah Gun Club and are ready to help anyone who is interested in long range competition. There is a long range league held every Wednesday morning from April thru September. Shooting starts at 9:00 am until about 11:00 or noon – depending on the weather conditions.

There are four different categories in long range – AROS (Any Rifle Optical Sights), Palma® Rifle, F Class Open (FO) and F Class Tactical Rifle (FTR). The F Class category is growing every year and very popular throughout the country.

Equipment needed for this program includes:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Palma® Rifle (metallic sights)
  • Service Rifle
  • F Open (just about any type of rifle can be used; front rest and rear bag)
  • FTR (must use either a 308 or 223 caliber, tripod or bipod)
  • AROS (any rifle, sling, no sandbags, rests or muzzle brakes allowed)
  • 1200 yd shooting (no rifle smaller than 6mm, optical sights only)
  • Plenty of good ammo
  • Spotting scope
  • Mat or rug to lay on

Always remember to check the calendar on the web site before going to the range. Changes may happen throughout the year and everyone is welcome to watch or compete in a long range match.

Hold center and pray for some quiet weather for the match!