Full Bore Fundraiser Final Results 4/7/2018

Final Palma Fundraiser Match Results 4/8/2018

JR Club Fundraiser Match Results 4/22/2018

Long Range Regional and Team Match 5/5 – 5/6/2018

Triple Crown Final Results 5/26 – 5/28/2018

Preliminary 4-Man Team Match 6/18/2018 Part 1

Preliminary 4-Man Team Match 6/18/2018 Part 2

Midwest Palma Final Results

Midwest Palma Special Match Results

Gillespie Memorial Long Range Individual State Championship

Grand Finale Results

4 Gun 600 yard Final Results

WGC 80 shot NMC Finals

1000 Yard 3-Gun Match Results


Fullbore And Palma Fundraiser Match (4/13-4/14/19)

CMP Junior Club Fundraiser Match (4/20/19)

Long Range Regional (5/4/19-5/5/19)

Triple Crown Final Results (5/25/19 – 5/27/19)

Midwest Palma Final Results

Wisconsin Long Range State Championship Final Results

WGC 1000 Yard 3 Gun Match (7/20/2019)

League Grand Finale (9/7/2019)

4 Gun 600 Yard Match (9/8/2019)

League Results


Triple Crown Final Results (5/23 – 5/25/2020)

4-Man Team Preliminary (6/22/2020)

Tuesday MWP Preliminary (6/23/2020)

1200 Yard Preliminary (6/23/2020).

2020 Midwest Palma Final Results

2Man Team 1000 Preliminary (6/25/2020)

Long Range State Championships

League Grand Finale


Fullbore Fundraiser Final Scores

Palma Promotions Individual Fundraiser

CMP Junior Club Fundraiser

LRR Final Results

LRR 4-Man Team

Triple Crown Results

MWP Final Results

Long Range Individual State Championship

WGC Palma and 1000 yard matches

2-Man Team Match

League Grand Finale

4-Gun 600 Match


CMP Junior Club Fundraiser 

Fullbore Results

Palma Fundraiser

Long Range Regional 

Team Match

Triple Crown