High Power

Welcome to high-power across the course shooting. High power is a sport with a few divisions including service rifle which is essentially a stock looking M-16/ar-15 (military type )rifle, match rifle which is often often a  tuned up bolt action or A.R. 15 with extended side radius custom stock and match sling, and there is also a division for scoped rifle’s (aros).

This sport is shot at 200, 300, and 600 yards.  At 200 yards there is slow fire standing, and rapidfire sitting. 300 yards consists of rapid fire prone position. When you get all the way back to the 600 yard line you have 22 minutes for 22 shots!

The equipment you would need for the sport includes:

  • Eye and ear protection
  • Solid rifle (either match, aros, or service)
  • A good sling
  • A decent spotting scope
  • Plenty of good ammo (88 rounds to be exact, but bring extra )
  • Shooting coat
  • Shooting mat
  • Extra magazines

Hope to see you at the range!