High Power Silhouette

Welcome to high-power silhouette shooting at Winnequah Gun Club.   In high-power silhouette shooting we shoot steel targets at 200, 300, 385, and 500 meters . The intention of the sport is to mimic hunting so we shoot animal style silhouettes which include:

  • Chickens at 200 meters
  • Pigs at 300 meters
  • Turkeys at 385 meters
  • Rams at 500meters

Almost any hunting style rifle 6 mm or above will work for this sport.  A typical match consists of 40 shots (for a half match, which is the most commons) or 80 shots in a full match.  So grab your rifle and a bunch of ammo and come on out to the range.  If you are new, be sure to the match director know and ask plenty of questions.  Check the calendar for match times and see you at the range!